First try at this foreign thing called blogging..

12 Sep

You guys will just have to bear with me through these first couple, until I get the hang of this!! I’ve never done this before, nor do I really know how, I’m just going to “wing” it!!  This first one I’m going to use more of as introduction, opposed to what I am doing…just so you get to know me and what I’m like and where I come from!!

So….I was born and raised in northeast OK, I’m married to a WONDERFUL man, who keeps me laughing and on my toes all the time, we will soon be celebrating our 1 year anniversary next month, hard to believe it’s been a year since our Drive-thru Vegas wedding(yes we did!)!  We have a split family, his(11 year old boy, Tyler), mine (7 year old boy, Eian), and hopefully in the future we’ll have ours(girl, I just know(fingers crossed), I work as a Cardiac nurse and I’m a stylist part-time, we, well not me, the boys, play baseball, summer and now winter, my husband is a cowboy, a team roper, and a pretty good one, and he’s just informed me that he thinks he would like to start going to more rodeos, which will make our schedule even crazier than it is, but he loves it, and if he’s happy I’m happy(well sometimes)!!

But more about this and what it is…I know that we all face it and all dread it, we either walk in the door from work or get a phone call during the day asking, “What’s For Dinner?”, and it’s either swing by the grocery store on they way home, grabbing just enough for dinner that night, fast food, or “I don’t know, I’ll look when I get home”.  Me, personally, I hate this, I like things to go smooth, no frantic rush to find or throw something together, or fix the same things over and over and over and over and over, you get the point..So I decided to put an end to it and do some research, ask everybody else what they’re having, because I know I’m the only one unprepared, wrooooong, everybody is going through this, not just me, thank goodness, so I decided to start this little blog to share what I’m having, some recipes of my favorites, old and new, and to try to help you out, give some inspiration and help prepare your menu for the week with things that you keep in your pantry/fridge/freezer all the time.


 Bacon is my theme for the night…

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