Pork, the other white meat!

13 Sep

Ahh, I love a rainy morning, too bad I had to get out of bed, you could just barely hear the thunder, it was so peaceful, then the snooze went off again and my husband flipped the TV on!  The day has started, it’s Tuesday, thank goodness it’s not Monday…I went through with my normal routine this morning, packed my husband and my sons lunch, showered, got ready, ironed, hurried Eian around, and submerged my main course, pork chops, for dinner in milk, this isn’t exactly in my daily routine, just today.

Tonight we’re having Fried Pork Chops, Green Beans with Bacon(my 7 year old son thinks that I actually sfuff each green bean with bacon, and that’s what gets him to eat them, so I’m going to let him think that as long as possible), creamy mashed potatoes(The 7 year old will eat green beans but not mashed potatoes, strange kid) and homemade mac n cheese.

My pork chops I’ll start by dipping them in egg and milk, then dredge them in flour that’s seasoned with Lawry’s Season Salt, a must in every kitchen, a little Sea Salt and some pepper.  I’ll fry them up, probably 5-6 minutes on each side, they’re thin Breakfast Chops, so they don’t take long to dry out.  Then out they come onto a paper towel lined plate…


Bacon “stuffed” Green Beans, I always use canned green beans unless I have fresh available, and they HAVE to be French Style, that’s the only kind I’m allowed to make, they’re awfully demanding for some noncookers!  I drain a good majority of the juice off put in my sauce pan add real bacon bits, salt, a dash of garlic, and turn it up to med/high, I let them cook the longest, 20-30 min, while everything else is going, they really soak up the bacon that way, be sure and stir or they’ll stick without all the juice.

Creamy Mashed Potatoes, I first start by peeling 4-5 potatoes, that’s all we need, and usually that’s too many for just 2 of us, the 3rd doesn’t eat them, I cut them up, usually pretty small so they’ll cook faster, add some salt and water to them in the sauce pan. Cover and boil until fork tender, 15 minutes or so, I’ve never really timed it, just poked them!  I then drain them then add to the greatest kitchen appliance ever, my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, if you don’t have one you need to put this on your Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary/whatever you would get a gift for list, I couldn’t make it without it!! Ok, so then I add my butter, 2 tablespoons, 3-4 tablespoons of Evaporated Milk, this is what my mom always used so it’s what I use too, and a few oz’s of cream cheese, since I’m not making 5lbs I won’t use the whole block, even though I would like to!!  Mix it all up then serve it up then gobble it up!

Last and but not least, Mac N Cheese, the American staple food.  Homemade mac n cheese is so simple and so yummy.  I just start by boiling my water in a sauce pan with some salt(everything needs salt, do you see a trend, good thing we don’t have BP problems, yet), once it’s started boiling I add my elbows, not mine, my elbow macaroni or whatever kind of small noodle I have that can be used.  Cook until al dente, drain, then cut up Velveeta I think about a 2 oz’s of the cheese is what I use to about 2-3 cups of dry noodles.  Then add it to the noodles that you’ve put back in the pan after draining on low heat, add some milk, 1/4 cup will do and a tablespoon of butter.  Stir, stir, stir, stir, don’t let it stick, but get that cheese melted, then serve, and there’s dinner, ta-da!

Stay tuned for tomorrow!





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