I just need something sweet…

15 Sep

For some reason this happens to me almost EVERY time I eat, I have a really good filling meal, and then BAM, the sweet tooth is awakened, even though I’m full, then I’ll go in and raid the kids snack cabinet and eat fruit snacks or something kiddish!!

So, sometimes I’ll fix dessert throughout the week, not every week, just sometimes, and mostly if I want something(selfish I know, but oh well).  It does seem like though, that when the weather starts changing and getting cooler it makes me want to bake and cook all the time, or maybe I’m just preparing for the winter, like a bear, just hopefully without the extra pounds! I find myself searching through lots of sweet recipes around this time too, every year, and it lasts for months, I might have to declare more days as sweet days, or just fix dessert for dinner!  What I guess I’m trying to get at is I’m going to start making more desserts, during the week, at least one, since it’s cooler out and the amount of physical activity I’ll be doing with decrease, and I can really enjoy it.  Soooooo, I’m declaring today as “Is there dessert Thursday?”

How many of you make desserts throughout the week and what kinds??  Post a comment at the bottom to share some ideas….don’t forget to sign up over to the right for subscription to the blog,that way you don’t miss out!!!!

Happy Baking….

Here’s what was requested in my house tonight, I’m going to give it a go this evening..

Lemon Bars

Yummy Lemon Bars


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