Yesterdays leftovers..

21 Sep

It doesn’t matter if I peel 2 potatoes or 12 potatoes, I always seem to have leftovers if I make mashed potatoes.  I, personally, don’t like reheated mashed potatoes, even if I add more milk and butter they’re still just not the same.  But, I also hate throwing them away or out to our puppies, just feels so wasteful.

One day I was thinking, you know I had a babysitter when I was little that used to always fry mashed potatoes, and I loved them. But never knew exactly what she did!!  Until finally one day when I was older I asked, how in the world did you fry mashed potatoes?!?  So she laughed, then said, gosh, it’s so easy, I can’t believe you’ve never done it, and then filled me in on this age-old secret…and I have now fried mashed potatoes, and she was right, they are super easy, and a great way to reuse leftovers, but for some reason I never think of it.  So, for today’s “What’s your side-dish Wednesday?”, I’m giving you the recipe for Fried Mashed Potato Cakes from the Food Network, I’m sure some of you have had them or make them currently, but maybe, just maybe, somebody else leads a sheltered mashed potato cake life, like I did!!!

Mashed Potato cakes

Happy Frying…..

OH, don’t forget tomorrow is the GIVEAWAY day, sign up so you can enter, I will post this evening what’s being up for grabs….and even more to come, you won’t want to miss it!!!


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