Manic(otti) Monday, wish it was Sunday..

26 Sep

Well, here we are, it’s Monday, again!!  It’s not too bad though, I had a good relaxing weekend, fun time with the fam, got my house cleaned and smelling all fallish/pumpkinish/cinnamonish yesterday, laundry is almost done, I didn’t do the whites, they’re my least favorite to fold so I always wait and do them last, procrastination I know, but I am allowed every now and then.  Did anybody do anything fun and exciting this weekend??  As most know yesterday I made the Minestrone, it was pretty tasty, I added a little more salt than it called for and it needs more parsley as well, but those are minor adjustments that most recipes need.  I also made the Lemon Cupcakes, they were really good, but just weren’t lemony enough for us, I even added more, next time I’ll have to add EVEN more again!!  But that’s enough for reviews at this time, but it is good to know…

Tonight I’m not cooking, I have some prior obligations to handle, but I liked the idea of a Manic(otti) Monday, I know cheesy, ha cheesy-manicotti (ha ha), anyways, so I did some looking around for a good recipe, when I go to Zio’s this is always what I order, I crave this sometimes, it’s so good..I found this recipe that I’m getting ready to share, but I don’t think I would do sausage, I would do just beef, but I liked how they incorporated bread crumbs, would have never thought of that, to give it a little more consistency, good thinking!!  That’s why I cook from recipes not make up recipes….

So here ya go, here’s a Manicotti Recipe that sounds wonderful!!!

Photo compliments of Tasty Kitchen by Cakerocks

Enjoy what’s left of your Manic(otti) Monday….dont’ forget to share what you did this weekend….Thanks



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3 responses to “Manic(otti) Monday, wish it was Sunday..

  1. Rani Hall

    September 26, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    I made the easy stromboli yesterday. I changed the meat to Canadian bacon and hamburger. It was delicious. Will make it again!!

  2. What's for dinner?

    September 26, 2011 at 12:37 pm

    How was rolling out the bread, I forgot to ask you??

  3. coveredcchaos

    September 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Yesterday, we just had french toast for dinner, but tonight it’s pot roast!


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