Something is awfully fishy….

11 Oct

And that something is the leftover smell from making salmon patties last night!! The downfall to salmon patties, they make your house stink, I turned my vent hood on HIGH, like I could feel it sucking me into it, and revamped all my scentsy smellies with new cubes, disposed of any leftovers and ran the dishwasher, that smell is unbelievable!!  But the bonus points I scored for making these little jewels and macaroni and tomatoes, wife of the year award, again (and not that I really need bonus points, I have a huge bank!)

But anyway, I want to first start off by saying that salmon patties are faaaaaar from a favorite of mine, the macaroni and tomatoes I could eat almost everyday, so simple but yet soooooooo good, but I ate one little misshapen patty last night, a chunk had fallen off the side so I picked it to eat since it was the smallest. JN on the other had 3, and I make mine pretty good size, like hamburger size, he just loves them!  I did kind of switch up my recipe though, I had bought some Planko bread crumbs on Sunday, my usual grocery day, just the plain ones, but I went ahead and crushed up my saltines in with the other ingredients, then I just kind of covered the outside with bread crumbs, for a little extra crunch, he didn’t notice or say anything, so I guess maybe they are just as good without the extra step, see if I do it again!  But here they are, the stinky patty…

You can kind of see the bread crumbs on them, it was far from a complete covering.  They’re kind of pretty, but man, I still just cannot get over the smell, maybe it’s since it comes out of a can, I don’t know, ok I’m done with the ranting.  Next up on the menu last night was macaroni and tomatoes, I don’t know what it is about this side-dish, but it’s one of my absolute favs, and yet so simple, it takes no time.  I know that some use stewed tomatoes and no tomato sauce, but I like mine with diced tomatoes and just a little tomato sauce to make it just a little bit creamier.  I’m sure though anyway you do it, it will be wonderful.  So here was the dinner plate last night, nothing fancy by any stretch, and totally simple and partially delish(well in my books), oh and of course, a slice of bread and butter, or as E calls it toast with butter but don’t cook it!!!


Salmon Patty Recipe

Macaroni and Tomatoes





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3 responses to “Something is awfully fishy….


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  2. Deni Henson (@dhenson7812)

    October 12, 2011 at 11:54 am

    How funny…………..we do Tuna patties (same as your Salmon patties, only maybe a smidge less stinky) with Mac&Maters. This is a meal that Mike makes 🙂 and we love it, well Gavin won’t actually eat a tomato but he will eat the pasta. Mike will also whip up tarter sauce to dip the patties in.


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