Crunch time….

21 Oct

So last night as most of you know we had breakfast for dinner, per E’s request, which I’m glad he requested, because I throughly enjoyed it.  But I had a dilemma, my mom is staying with us for fall break and she had already started frying potatoes before I got home, well when I got there I was going to start everything else, I opened the fridge to pull out the biscuits and lo and behold, there were no biscuits.

I know that I bought some, I remember looking at them at Wal-Mart, even asking JN which ones he wanted, but I guess I didn’t or I didn’t make it home with them, I even told my mom that I had, the small 5 count can like 4 days ago. I guess it was just a good thought because there was no sign of a can of biscuits anywhere, and I searched that fridge high and low.  Another thought not executed, I’m making this a habit!!!

So now what was I to do, the in-laws were coming, my mom was there, I really wanted biscuits, we live a little out-of-town, no time to run to the store, guess I’ll just have to make homemade something!!  Oh and of course I didn’t have bisquick to throw something together really quick, it was crunch time…

Well, I had to come up with something, so I decided to throw together some drop biscuits, and fast, and pray that they turn out good. A little flour, salt, milk, butter, and, and, and we have drop biscuits, ta-da!!  And, believe it or not, they were fabulous, I pulled it off, phew!!!

Now, the next time I either don’t buy or don’t make it home with, or whatever, and I need biscuits, I’m covered, and I’ve made numerous homemade biscuits that have been a total flop, but not these, thank goodness, they were yummy!!!

Drop Biscuit Recipe 


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