Do you Swag…

11 Nov

I’ve recently started using Swagbucks as my primary search engine. I never thought before that it would amount to anything…well, I was wrong!  You earn points as you search, do surveys, print and use coupons among other things.  My points are adding up daily and here before long I’ll be able to cash it in for some Amazon gift cards, or Paypal, and use some of it for Christmas!!  So if you’re not using Swagbucks you need to.  I recently read a post from Grand Lake Savers and she mentioned how she buys her coupons and was using her swagbucks to buy them so that way she didn’t have any out-of-pocket and also uses it for Amazon gift cards to buy diapers and wipes, things that she uses, or maybe for that cast iron skillet or dutch oven you’ve been wanting!!!!!!. 

It’s a great idea!!  So if you haven’t started you need to today!!

You have to copy and paste this link, WordPress doesn’t allow clicking from here!

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