What kitchen gadget could you not live without….although I want to say my Pampered Chef Scraper things, I probably wouldn’t be able to function without a can opener, no way could I open a can without one, I would probably end up cutting my hand off, cause I’m graceful like that!!! JN sees me cutting stuff and always tells me “no wonder you’re always cutting yourself, do you even know what you’re doing?!?”, the other day I was trying to cut up the plastic rings that are on the Gatorade 8 packs and about took the end of my finger off, all I was doing was trying to help out the seals and birds and it back-fired!!.

So in the comments below tell me what you would have to have to function in your kitchen it can be anything, and doesn’t have to be PC…this is the last of the Pampered Chef towels, don’t miss it!!!

Good Luck


*your response may not show up immediately. Winner will be chosen by


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