Popper Dip

 I baked my in 2 small bread bowls wrapped in foil and it worked great!!2× 8oz pkgs Cream Cheese

1 cup Real Mayonnaise

2× 4oz cans Diced Green Chilies

1 cup Shredded Parm Cheese

1 cup Monterey Jack Cheese

1 Medium Onion Diced

3-4 or To Taste Fresh Diced Jalapeño Peppers

½lb or 4-6 Strips Fried Crispy Bacon, reserve bacon drippings

Bag of Favorite Kind of Tortilla Chips

In medium mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, mayonnaise, green chilies, ½C.Parm Cheese, ½ C. Jack Cheese, set aside. Fry Bacon, use reserved bacon drippings to fry onion and jalapeño until translucent, drain on paper towel, add to cream cheese mixture, mix until well blended. Pour mixture into a casserole baking dish sprinkle remaining cheeses over top, add crumbled bacon.

Bake @ 350°
until golden bubbly, 20-30min. Serve immediately with tortilla chips! Great dip
to take to a party or just to veg at home, enjoy!


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