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Weekly Dinner Menu

ImageMy menu for the week that I’m going to attempt to stick with, but with baseball and life sometimes I get a little off schedule!

Monday:(I know I’m a day late)  We had Salmon Patties and Macaroni and Tomatoes– didn’t go all out, kept it easy, yet unfortunately- stinky!

Tuesday:  Tonight, Steak, Baked Potatoes from I wash you dry, and Homemade Mac N Cheese(per E’s request) with spiral noodles, and a salad. I have my steaks marinating right now at home in Allegro’s, love ithis stuff, if you haven’t tried it, do it!

ImageWednesday:  This is my BIRTHDAY, so guess what – I’m not cooking, we’re going out!!!

Thursday:  We’re having Balsamic Grilled Chicken, from Rich and Sweet, Pasta Salad(out of a box), and Crash Hot Potatoes – I know lots of carbs, but we have ANOTHER baseball game…

Friday:  We’re going out to dinner with some friends, plans are to head to a little local joint that has THE BEST fried chicken…

Saturday:  Baseball. All. Day- doubt there will be time to cook, may have to throw something together last minute, I’ll cross that bridge when we get there, if so, maybe Stomboli – it’s easy..

Sunday:  I haven’t totally decided yet- this is typically my buy grocery/menu plan day, but I’ve been hungry for Lasagna, so this might be the day for that…oh, and homemade French bread(in the bread machine)


Have a great week…



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